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Understanding Credit Scoring Models: FICO, Vantage Score & Credit Scores Effects

Before a lender hands over a big loan, they want some reassurance that you’re willing and able to pay them back, with interest. Rather than simply take your word for it, they’ll obtain your credit score from a reporting bureau.  The value of that score will affect the

Have Bad Credit Scores? You Can Still Apply Today for a Low Interest Student Loan!

Many students and their families must find a way to pay for tuition, books, fees and more. One of the more common ways for individuals and their families to pay for college education expenses is to use student loans. However, some people have lower credit scores, and they may

Life After Bankruptcy: Guided Steps to Rebuilding Your Credit , Finances and Emotions

When you are buried under a huge pile of debt and creditors are harassing you about late payments, you may enjoy the feeling of relief that comes when you file for bankruptcy.  By taking this step, the creditors’ phone calls and letters may cease, and you may be

Low Credit Score Home Borrowers Can Still Get a Mortgage – Learn How in Today’s Marketplace

You want to buy a house, but you’ve got a low credit score, so you feel that homeownership is simply out of reach. The good news is, that’s not the truth.  Although credit is important, and knowing your credit score is even more essential, you still have options and

Top 10 Ways to Fix Your Credit – Best Credit Restoration‎ Steps That Anyone Can Follow

Having a good credit score is one of the most important parts of overall personal financial health. Those that have a good credit score will have a better chance of obtaining affordable credit, which will save a lot of money over time.  While building a good credit history